22 PLUS 創意傳訊

22 PLUS創意傳訊於2006年成立,以創意、獨到的眼光、專業的公關策略及推廣經驗,悉心為客戶提供多元化的服務。本公司的核心業務主要涵蓋醫療及藥業機構、非牟利醫療團體、大學及醫生組織、奶類製品、保健及營養補充品等,客戶當中不乏跨國企業及專業團體,同時亦擴及銀行、保險、飲食與各類快速消費品之推廣。

我們的服務以「團隊的專業性」、「到位的傳訊推廣策略」及「優質的服務態度」為基石。憑藉多位資深的媒體及公關專才,本公司專責為客戶策劃及實踐各類BTL(Below The Line)項目,包括新聞發佈會、傳媒專訪、市場調查、健康講座、路展、商場推廣、週年宴會、步行活動與超過3000人參與的大型嘉年華會等,以及緊貼潮流的社交媒體(Social Media)推廣,同時亦可按照客戶目標,度身訂造切合主題及產品資訊的全方位方案。

Founded in 2006, 22 PLUS is dedicated to provide creative public relations programs and all-round marketing solutions to our clients. Specializing in medical and healthcare industries, we provide effective PR and marketing strategies to international or local medical and pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, associations of universities and doctors, milk products and healthcare supplements. And our broad scope of services also includes banks, insurance companies, food and beverages and a wide variety of FMCGs.

Believing the importance of “professionalism”, “precise communication strategies” and “service with quality”, 22 PLUS equipped our workforce with media and PR professionals to achieve below-the-line marketing goals including but not limited to organize press conference, media interview, survey, health talk, roadshow, dinner symposium, walkathon and even carnival with over 3000 participants. To keep up with the trend, our service also includes monitoring and providing creative social media communication service. And upon request, we are much willing to serve our clients with tailor-made PR and marketing strategies to ensure the accurate message could be delivered to the market.